About Us

Community Health Pharmacy is located in 210 Dixwell Ave, New Haven and offers fast and courteous service. Whether you have to fill a prescription or need advice on an over-the-counter medication, we are here to help.


With more than 15 years experience, our pharmacist is knowledgeable and skilled in filling your prescriptions, and will also take the time to answer your questions, explain the use of your medications and provide suggestions on over-the-counter products that you may need. Our pharmacist can also help you to learn how to use medical devices such as glucose meters and blood pressure monitors.


We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans. Our well-informed staff can help get answers about your coverage and advise you about generic alternatives to your medications to save you money.

Fast, Courteous and Quality Service

Your good health is important and your time is precious. We at CH Pharmacy are committed to providing you quality service, while also being quick and courteous. Your prescription orders are filled with care and attention in a timely manner. If delivery is required, we coordinate your medications and bring them to your door. We look forward to serving you!